stephinspace - Costa Rican jungle

  • 2:13
  • 26.12.23
stephinspace - Costa Rican jungle

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Letting our streams run free deep in the luscious Costa Rican jungle @nakedbakers

It’s our first day here and we’re getting into a big adventure right off the bat. We’re going to a secluded unmarked waterfall that requires a long hike and crossing a river! Exactlyyy the kinda stuff I love doing…

I’ve been staying sufficiently hydrated which is why I had to pee so badly in the video. You can tell by how powerful my stream is!

Hoping we can have some privacy at the waterfall (if we find it) so I can skinny dip and enjoy it au natural.


Universal 29.12.23
It seems, @nakedbakers
lgninja 28.12.23
Whats her friends name?