Huge Piss Streams 0001

  • 45:13
  • 06.01.24
Huge Piss Streams 0001

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Mostly old but HD-remastered material in a huge pissing streams compilation.
Many members have requested a best of featuring the heaviest, biggest pee jets of all time. So we put together a film with the best of such scenes from a total of 10 years The choice was really hard, after the first review there was enough footage left for 20 hours of non-stop heavy pissing.
Whether there will be a continuation depends on how good the response is to such a format.

Only scenes with waterfall-like streams respectively girls pissing very long or leaving huge puddles made it into this compilation. So don’t be surprised if a few scenes were cut a bit, it’s because some chicks just couldn’t pee hard enough.

Note: Almost all the scenes have been released before, but there are many, especially among the older clips, that have been processed in FullHD this time, unlike the initial release.
In the early years of our store we also downsized videos that were in better resolution to reduce download times, this is no longer necessary.


Just incredible. Best 5 dollars you will ever spend.