Sinthia Bee - Made To Wait

  • 33:12
  • 14.10.23
Sinthia Bee - Made To Wait

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Her ankle chained to the wood stove, wearing tight jeans, and needing to pee with no way to reach an area where she can relieve herself. This is Sinthia's dilemma, made worse when she drinks three bottles of water during this video, and this is in addition to several more she consumed before we started). She is compelled to wait until she is given a key which will unlock only one of the three padlocks securing her, the one that will allow the chain to unfurl and give her access to the wooden floor, so close but so far away. She will have to convince the key holder that she really can't wait any longer, but that's not as easy as it might seem. A number of times, Sinthia declares she can't wait any longer, but the key is withheld and she somehow must continue to control herself.