Faye Taylor - Ladies Toilet Peeing

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Description: I’m in a department store and I’m paying a cheeky visit to the toilets ;) I’m wearing a turquoise dress with a black belt, a white shirt over the top, my shapely legs are bare, and on my cute little feet I have on a pair of leather ankle boots. The corridor which leads to the toilets is very modern looking and well lit, and there is no door leading into them, which makes the whole area seem very spacious and open plan…a very nice start indeed ;) I find an empty cubicle and lock the door of the stall, before panning the camera up and down my body to show myself off ;) I hitch up my dress to reveal the skimpy light green panties I’m wearing, and I even give the crotch a gentle stroke to make myself feel good ;) My bladder is ever so full, and I know I can’t wait much longer, so I place the camera on the sanitary bin next to the toilet so that it will capture the action perfectly. Then I slip off my panties over my boots, and hang them on the back of the door :D I stand with my legs wide apart, and after spreading my shaved pussy with my fingers in order to create a concentrated jet, I let the liquid squirt! It shoots out of me and down into the toilet bowl below, making a very loud splashing noise as it hits the water in the bottom! The easing of the pressure on my bladder as it empties feels wonderful, and when I’m finally finished, I give my pussy a wipe down with tissue before flushing everything away ;) Then I put my panties back on and leave the cubicle to wash my hands…just as another person comes into the toilets. I wonder if they will use the same cubicle as me ;)
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