Jasmine - Got To Got Again So Soon

  • 3:50
  • 15.09.23
Jasmine - Got To Got Again So Soon

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It has only been ten minutes since Jasmine peed into the graduated cylinder. She has barely finished getting dressed in fresh clothes before she announces that she has to pee again. Unenthusiastic to let the opportunity pass, she is instructed to put on another pair of jeans and step outside. She is squirming and expecting to have to hold it for a while, but instead she is told to just wet herself. She looks so relieved as she empties her bladder yet again. The jeans she is wearing are designer and lined so pee does not come through very readily, but she managed to get them pretty wet just the same. Pee also streamed off her bare foot as she was going, and this was captured by the camera.