Step-Brother Let's Us Pee On Him For Christmas!

  • 4:02
  • 16.06.23
Step-Brother Let's Us Pee On Him For Christmas!

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Our older step-brother Jimmy always gets the best Christmas presents! Every year he gets more and more cool stuff while my step-sister and I get fucking screwed. If only step-mom and step-dad knew what he was really up too..... Drinkiing, doing drugz, bringing home different girls every night......... I think he even got one of them pregnant! My step-sister and I ARE NOT gonna let him get away with it this year! He's gonna pay for being such a naughty boy! Hmmmm what can we do? Well step-mom and step-dad already wrapped all his gifts so we can't get away with stealing them..... But we CAN piss all over them! He's got a brand new Xbox in there that looks very pissable! We started drenching the first few gifts with our urine when we suddenly heard a noise!!!!........ OH MY GOD ITS JIMMY! THE ASSHOLE FUCKING CAUGHT US! I HOPE HE DOESN'T TELL STEP-MOM AND STEP-DAD! What, you want your Xbox Jimmy? We will make you a deal. We won't piss all over your Xbox if you let us piss all over you inst


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