Tekno [031]

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Description: Tekno [031] Tekno Cram School Toilet Voyeur Sayaka-chan Graduate School 1st Year 22 Years Old Underwear & Peeing Twice (work description) Please also check the blog for product descriptions and images. tekunofan.com/tekuno/tekuno031There is no facial blur in the main story. I have lightly blurred the parts. It's Sayaka-chan's panchira and peeing twice. The opening message seems to be trying to make you talk about ecology, but I don't know what you're saying. The first time was before the monitor survey started, and the second time was after the monitor survey was over and before the photo shoot for the cram school leaflet began. It may be before dancing for 30 minutes. The torrent that scatters from the 22-year-old slightly ripe Eroguro pussy is very erotic. The second time I'm messing around with my smartphone, and in the meantime I can see Groman. The back shot is also very erotic, so please enjoy it.
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