Rules for Access Transfers

Rules for Access transfers between Vids sites

Transfer Policy

1. In general, we don't allow transfer of Access between sites as a widespread practise to prevent abuse.

2. Transfer of Access is only allowed in exceptional cases (i.e. you made payment in error for a different site)

Rules for Transfer

1. In order to request Access transfer, please create a thread at General Support forums of the said you paid for, and tell us where you'd like to transfer to.

2. Your request will only be approved IF:
- not more than 48 hours passed since the time of your payment;
- you did not download any videos since your membership begun (will be checked);
- you are not requesting transfer from the site with cheaper Access to the site with more expensive one;

3. If Access is cheaper at the destination site, the difference is forfeit (will not be compensated);

4. Partial transfers are not allowed (having Access with two sites while only paying once would be cheating);

Eligible Sites


Non-Eligible Sites


These sites are run separately: they got their own economy and admins in charge - transfers to/from this sites are not allowed for whatever reason.