Bursting Upon Arrival

  • 3:57
  • 19.02.21
Bursting Upon Arrival

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Laci turns up after getting lost. She's running late and she has been deliberately holding her pee while driving. Finding her destination just took so much longer than she expected. Without any prepararations other than a brief phone call to tell her to expect a camera to be running, and to suggest that she might want to remove her clothes to avoid peeing on them, we greet Laci at the door as she arrives and hurries in, virtually pushing past and starting to undress herself without any preamble. There is no time for make-up or any of the customary nicities. Laci is shown through to the kitchen and dining area, still peeling off clothes as she goes. In no time at all she is completely naked and absolutely bursting to pee. She just can't wait and goes almost at once.