Wet Pleasure

  • 24:07
  • 12.06.24
Wet Pleasure

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Gorgeous girls Breiny Zoe and Melanie Dark are in their lingerie and sit down together for some playful fun. Breiny lays down on a sideboard while Melanie stands above her and starts pussy pissing over her, enjoying every second of it too! She licks up Breiny's toned body and then these pissing lesbians switch positions so that Breiny can soak Melanie too! We zoom in as her pee stream flows all over Melanie's lingerie and down her body, then Breiny gets down on the floor to lick Melanie's pussy. She leans back and takes piss in mouth from her girlfriend, with Melanie spraying powerful streams directly at her face! These pissing pornstars get naked and share a popsicle shaped dildo while enjoying even more golden showers and get each other off. They get onto the floor and aim their pussies towards each other while pissing once more, then splash about in their streams to finish their fun session!


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