Pissy Meditation

  • 26:15
  • 02.06.24
Pissy Meditation

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Gorgeous babe Mini Mitzi walks in on her friend, Linda as she meditates, and decides to distract her out of her trance. She pulls her panties to one side and starts pussy pissing over Linda, startling her at first, but this exotic hottie enjoys getting soaked in Mini Mitzi's streams! Mini Mitzi licks Linda's wet lingerie and these naughty girls kiss before they switch places for Mini Mitzi to get soaked in piss showers too! These pissing lesbians squeeze their drenched clothing over each other, then together then kneel up and catch their combined pee streams in a glass bowl! They playfully splash each other and lap up their wet mess before piss swapping between their mouths! These pissing pornstars take turns to lick pussy and while giving their oral pleasure, they enjoy some piss in mouth action too! After sharing a blue dildo, Mini Mitzi and Linda continue to get absolutely drenched in golden piss showers!


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