blushcolours - Pee in sink

  • 0:25
  • 01.01.24
blushcolours - Pee in sink

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Hey everyone I’m so sorry about my mess of not being active if it’s not one thing it’s the other. Here is a quick video to apologize. And I would love to offer a discount for next month to everyone here, just shoot me a message so I can make the codes to do so
I most likely won’t be a whole lot active til may, im packing and getting ready to move into a house (AHHHH A HOUSE!!!) and finally out of living in an apartment,
which I’m so excited to get to do. For my pupper to finally have a backyard!
I hope you enjoy this video of me making a mess in dance practice
Thank you guys again for all the support, I will have lots of content ready for may 1st (I will still be posting as much as I can but will be preparing more for may!)
My birthday is also in April and I wanted to do a special birthday tier but unfortunately just don’t have time to, so may (although my birthday is April 10th) will be my birthday tier and when I will do it, and we will pretend that it is April.

I love you all. Thank you for everything and can’t wait to continue making more content for you all!!
I’ll be catching up on messages I have as well!