pikablizzardd - Standing pee

  • 0:25
  • 12.02.24
pikablizzardd - Standing pee

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It’s finally getting warm enough to wear cute dresses all the time! What do you guys think? I bet me taking a piss in this dress makes you like it more. and I’m okay with that, if me pissing makes you feel more towards me, I can’t complain, hehe. You babes are so amazing <3


I don’t know what the heck came over done today, but I got SO sick like I had food poisoning- except I hadn’t eaten yet that day so it wasn’t. I’ve finally stopped getting sick for no reason, and am focusing on drinking liquids and any food I can (which hasn’t been much )
Thank you for being patient with me- I still am posting content of course! But you deserve an explanation why I’m not responding in DM’s
I hope you all have a good night/day tomorrow!

I’m going on a 3 day mini vacation for my birthday this weekend! I’ll be making LOTS of content with my boyfriend , I’m so excited about the toys I’ll bring. will make another post explaining more how my posts will look while I’m gone. Thank you all so much!
You guys motivate me everyday and honestly have made me love myself more- if you can believe it!! I wake up everyday excited to film and post for you to enjoy .
Thanks for listening to my 1am sick, exhausted and high rambling.


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