Cadence Lux - Thwarted At Every Turn

  • 13:58
  • 30.11.23
Cadence Lux - Thwarted At Every Turn

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A custom video where the instructions have a desperate Cadence repeatedly attempting to find somewhere to pee, and constantly being thwarted by circumstances - a nearby vehicle starting up when she is outside, someone in the bathroom when she enters the house. She considers trying to pee in the sink, or even in a vase, but the latter is high up on the top of the cupboards and she can't reach it. She runs outside and goes to the apartment downstairs, but she can't get in. She spends time sitting and crossing her legs, and running back to the bathroom door. She even tries going out onto the desk to piss, but the door is locked. Finally, unable to hold it any longer, Cadence wets her pants. This sequence is filmed with two cameras. There is a postscript scene where Cadence peels off the jeans to reveal her wet panties.