Wet Red Pants

  • 20:28
  • 16.05.24
Wet Red Pants

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Curly haired brunette Mini Mitzi walks into the lounge suffering from pee desperation. She holds onto the crotch of her red pants and knows full well that she won't make it to the bathroom. With one leg lifted up on a footstool, this naughty babe starts peeing her pants and lets her juices soak all the way down her leg and onto the floor! Mini Mitzi seductively rubs her hand over herself and now feeling horny, she takes off her heels and pulls down her trousers! Once they are off, Mini Mitzi uses them to mop up her pee puddle from the tiled floor and licks the wet fabric. She sits down on the foot stool and plays with her pussy, slipping a finger in, then pauses to release another pee stream down onto the tiles! Mini Mitzi dives into her wet mess and then rides a purple jelly dildo to ramp up her pussy pleasure! She soaks her sex toy in even more golden streams and once she has orgasmed, she puts back on her wet pants to finish this pissing porno!


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