Soaked In The Office

  • 26:15
  • 21.04.24
Soaked In The Office

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It's time for two of our member favourites to meet in our latest VIPissy scene as Antonia Sainz and Victoria Pure are in the office cracking on with some work. Antonia is feeling rather bored and distracts Victoria by lifting up her miniskirt and suggests they spend their time in a much more enjoyable way. As Antonia sits on the edge of the bookcase, she starts pussy pissing all over Victoria's outfit. Her clothes get drenched in golden showers and these giggling girls get so turned on that they continue their lesbian pee play. Antonia licks up Victoria's leather skirt, lapping up her juices and helps her strip before kneeling back on the floor. Victoria has her turn at soaking Antonia's satin blouse in piss and these pissing lesbians strip completely naked to swap pussy licking skills over their work desk! Victoria licks Antonia's pussy first, when Antonia starts to pee and give Victoria some piss in mouth action! They switch places for Antonia to lap up some golden nectar too and then these piss soaked secretaries finger each other and victoria holds a watering can beneath Antonia while she fills it with her pee. Victoria pours the contents all down Antonia's naked body and after sharing a pink vibrator, Victoria pees ll over Antonia's long brown hair!


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