Sick Dixie Pees The Bed

  • 6:48
  • 03.12.23
Sick Dixie Pees The Bed

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Dixie is sick in bed trying to rest off a bad illness. She wakes up and realizes that she has to pee. She tries to get up to go to the bathroom but the room is spinning and her head hurts very badly and she can't get up. She falls back onto the bed unable to stand and becoming more and more desperate to piss. She lays there thinking maybe if she ignores it she can fall back resting and it will go away, but it's no use, she's becoming very desperate to pee. Finally she realizes there is no other option but to just piss herself in the bed. She can't get up and can't hold it any longer and finally she wets herself and makes a big puddle in the bed. Humiliated and wet, she swigs a mouthful of cold medicine to help her fall back resting and rolls over to try to rest in her piss puddle.