Bathroom Besties

  • 27:13
  • 11.08.23
Bathroom Besties

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Blonde meets brunette in the bathroom in our newest VIPissy scene as Erika can't keep her hands off Tiny Tina as she slips them down into Tina's panties! She kneels down on the tiled floor and Tina starts peeing her pants, soaking Erika in golden showers. After switching places, Erika follows suit as Tina lays down on the floor and these pissing lesbians strip off for some pussy licking fun. They continue to drench each other in more piss streams and Erika stands up to give Tina some piss in mouth action! After breaking out a purple vibrator, these pee play lesbians take turns to enjoy it while soaking the floor and each other in even more golden pee! Erika straddles Tina's face and after her clit gets more attention, she treats Tina to one final powerful piss stream which she aims right into her mouth! These gorgeous girls love sharing everything with each other, including their golden streams!


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