Seductivewifey1 - Pee Desperate

  • 18:02
  • 01.01.24
Seductivewifey1 - Pee Desperate

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Starting off in the pub and having lunch, I'm already so desperate that I'm not sure I'll make it out of there! I find sitting on my foot actually helps and prevents me from leaking uncontrollably. I do leak a little though and then take a walk around the shopping centre leaking more. I sit outside in an extremely busy location and pee my jeans. I walk back to the car park and feeling brave as wet white jeans aren't noticeable, I don't cover up. Waiting for the elevator, I pee more and again in it. There is a couple waiting to get in and she definitely looks and sees my wet jeans (not shown). I'm sure she wasn't the only one who saw as it was so busy.