Jade Jantzen - Locked Belt!

  • 11:16
  • 30.12.23
Jade Jantzen - Locked Belt!

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Hottie Latina Jade Janztens friends thought it would be funny to put a lock on Jades belt & then leave to the store. Little did they know, Jade would get up VERY DESPERATE TO PEE & realize in horror, that she cant take her belt off to pull her pants down. Her bladder is so full & she calls her friends to see what the deal is and is told they hid the key somewhere!? She's frantically trying to find it but can barely move... her belt so tight it's on her bladder & she's freaking out because her pee is coming out into her panties already. From two angles you can see it dripping through her pants as she loses control & covers her face in humiliation. She helplessly pisses herself completely, piss going down both legs & soaking the carpet below as she gives in! WHEW, such a relief but she can't believe she lost all bladder control! Great timing as her friends come in & sees that she wet herself! Of course there's a sexy behind the scenes portion where she reveals her urinated panties!