Loosey Lu & Mya Locca - Tickling Contest

  • 13:16
  • 06.12.23
Loosey Lu & Mya Locca - Tickling Contest

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What's a fun tickling contest between two very desperate to pee girls, hotties Loosey Lu & Mya Locca! Who's been holding it longest & who needs to pee more badly?? We discuss all this before the tickling fight happens and it does get intense! It is quite difficult to let go & wet your pants with all this laughter & tensing of your body so Mya takes a second to relax and all her pent up pee just GUSHES OUT through her very tight pants! Loosey starts laughing and teasing her, causing her to also lose bladder control but she tries to stop her pee flow into her skintight pants! Both the girls laugh uncontrollably as they both piss themselves and their pee puddle mixes on the floor. Loosey straight up sits down in her huge pee puddle as they inspect eachothers pissy panties and we all talk about it!! lots of hot pee flowing (it also splashes me as I'm filming) and fun!