DakotaCharms - Dakota and Lady Von Foxxx Pants Wetting Desperation

  • 6:22
  • 02.12.23
DakotaCharms - Dakota and Lady Von Foxxx Pants Wetting Desperation

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Dakota and Lady have to pee sooo bad but they can't get in the back door! Their stupid new roommates are inside, but aren't coming to the door to let them in. What the fuck, dudes? They have to go so bad, they each start hopping around and holding their crotch. Where are these boys? They bang on the door, but no one comes. Dakota has to go the worst and she says a little bit leaked out already; she's gonna have to just go outside because she can't hold it any longer! Lady urges her not to do that, to just try to hold it a little longer, but when ya gotta go, ya gotta go! Dakota then pees her jeans! She wets them so bad with urine that you can see it on the outside of her pants and it just keeps coming! She is so embarrassed and mad and uncomfortable, how could this happen? And in front of her new friend, it's so humiliating! After peeing herself, the door opens. It's the boys and they are laughing at Dakota. Wow. That was such a dick move. They were in there the whole time getting a kick out of the girls jumping around and having to desperately pee. Jerks! Lady runs in to pee before she pees herself, too!