Wet Scarlet - Scarlet Pees Her Pants While Cooking!

  • 3:06
  • 01.12.23
Wet Scarlet - Scarlet Pees Her Pants While Cooking!

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In this clip, Scarlet is cooking in the kitchen and has to pee really bad. She is trying to hold it until she is finished cooking so she doesn't leave the stove unattended. Scarlet squirms in desperation, presses her legs together, and holds her crotch, trying desperately not to pee her jeans. Suddenly she gets a strong urge and a warm burst of pee floods her jeans. Oops! She is able to stop the flow for a few seconds, but its unbearable. Her jeans are already visibly wet, so Scarlet gives up and lets the rest go. She finishes in her jeans and makes a huge puddle on the floor beneath her. Scarlet pulls her pants down and shows her wet panties afterwards. Enjoy!