AgePlay247 - Kelsey Obsession Taken, Tied Up, And Diapered

AgePlay247 - Kelsey Obsession Taken, Tied Up, And Diapered Only paid members can watch videos

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Description: Poor, poor Kelsey. She thought she was safe in her bed. Her little horny ass had long night of masturbation and fell resting. But someone or something has something better in mind. She wakes up just when the dark hand covers her face. She wakes up. Her wrists and ankles bound. Unable to get out and she can feel cum dripping out of her holes. Oh my. She's worried... uh oh. what's that crinkling sound? Oh no is she wearing a... diaper? No this can't be. She can't wear a diaper? why is she wearing a diaper? She's not a baby. This is so embarrassing. She then feels the need to pee. No. no. No! She then suddenly started to piss her diaper. She fills it with warm pee. No! Why is this happening? Why is this turning her on. She wants to cum so bad. Suddenly, she starts to cum to the idea. She is so horny. She love the idea of being tied up in a wet diaper...
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