Naughty Christine - Peeing Behind the Bay

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Description: This clip shows a little more of what goes into a Pee clip ...We decide to go do some shopping at the Bay. .Dresses in a short tight black mini skirt and some sexy sandals we head out with Christine loaded up with lots of water ...She plans on filling up the bladder so she can have a good Pee somewhere on our travels . It is Sunday and busy with shoppers on this beautiful day . The parking lot is busy, so we drive around to the back of the store . We see a security camera high on the wall and an entrance form both ends enabling drivers to drive right around the building . Christine is directed how this will be done and gives her the chance to bail on this risky middle of the afternoon pee . She is told to hike her skirt up and lean against the power transformer, spread her legs and let her go . .she says she will try and with that being said we get an excellent 2 camera Pissing clip . When we are done and thought it was on tape (however the camera was not recording ) we notice a van parked not far away which was not there when we arrived ...I think whoever, must of seen Christine leaning forward, ass out and having a big piss . Having done that we return to shopping
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