Pee Puddles and Stripes

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Description: A slender, elegant Asian woman in chic bob and ankle-length dress leads us under a bridge to a secluded spot. She squats and spreads her high-heeled feet to piss through her cherry pink panties. Then we see a longhaired Japanese lovely in a long dress. When she hikes up her bold striped skirt we catch a glimpse of her pert panties with a cute little bow tied at the waistband. But when she climbs onto a hard steel pipe and starts humping, she's not so proper as she looks. As she rides the pipe, she bares her small pretty titties and rubs them. She reaches down to her panties and pulls the crotch out of the way so her furry slit can feel its hard cool surface. Flailing with sexual frenzy, she doffs her undies and pulls up the dress to hump her against it. Stopping to pull away a few inches she wets the pipe with a steaming spurt of piss. A hot puddle beneath spreads towards the drain and she finishes her horny hump.
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