Wildeva - Two girls pee the hotel room ep 1

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Description: Two naughty girls get a hotel room and decide to make a mess out of it. They can't hold it any more anyway and going to the toilet is dull. Episode 1: Eva goes first and releases a big stream of pee on the hotel floor carpet, in a big puddle quickly absorbed by the thick material. Then it's Gia's turn to go for the same red carpet. She's been sipping a lot of juice, so her bladder is bulging with pee. She squats to pee, lifts her mini skirt, pulls the panties aside and shamelessly pees on the floor. The next victims will be the sofa chairs, they're perfect for pregnant Eva's pee. Will the soaked carpet and sofa chair dry until the maid comes? (Episode 1 of 2) RELEVANT KEYWORDS: pee challenge, pee in a hotel room, pee the hotel room, pee everywhere, piss on the floor, pee on floor, big puddle, pee on carpeting, piss on the hotel floor, pee the hotel floor, pee the room carpet, pee on carpet, pee the hotel carpet, pee on sofa chair, piss on chair, pee on furniture, cleaning lady, wet&messy, urge to pee, pee everywhere
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