Piss And Go

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Description: Talk about leaving a bike trail to follow, our gal drops something to really splash about. Interrupted by a guy, she finds another rack of bikes to "piss" off. Pulling up her tight blue jean skirt, she undoes her white panties and lets it flow. With two PissJapanTV.com girls, there's plenty to enjoy, and clean up's a breeze. Our second gal, also in a skirt, tries to hold it, but can't, lucky for us. Finding a parking lot, she ducks between a couple of cars to release, but is caught by a passerby. Getting in his car, he takes off, and just in time, as she then sprays. Soaking herself, it runs down her legs. Trying to dry up, she decides to drop her drawers and go. Zooming in, we've got proof of her "water works."
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